MA biodesign

algae bioreactor

Algae are microorganisms that live in fresh and marine water, their main environmental role is to produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Saul Purton from the UK Algal Organization gave us a green alga from the chlamydomonas genus: Chlamydomona Reinhardtii. This alga has been studied for applications in different sectors but we decided to focus on feeding and biofuels applications. In particular we wanted to design for non-humans and we analysed green house emissions focusing on intensive cow farming for milk production.

CO2 emissions are mainly produced during feeding and fermentation (digestion) therefore we decided to build a bioreactor to feed cows in order to reduce emissions of up to 60%. The MIT Technology Review published an article about studies on this matter, showing how seaweed could cut cows’ carbon hoof print.

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