MA biodesign thesis project


CyanoFabbrica aims at harnessing cyanobacteria's intrinsic ability to biomineralize for the design of novel biofabrication strategies. My process could be optimized to offset its emissions and the product is designed to be remanufactured at the end of its life.

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic, single-celled organisms. They survived the five last mass extinctions, and can be found in almost all habitats. Spectacular examples of biomineralization are stromatolites, the world's oldest known fossils. My project is insipred by research from the University of Colorado at Boulder, who demonstrated that strong bricks could be created through cyanobacteria biomineralization.

The organism and its needs played a fundamental part in my design system, and contributed to the final aesthetics, which are partially dictated by the way this organism binds its substrate. No two are alike. The temples and front of the frame are made of biomineralized material, while cyanobacteria pigment phycocyanin was used as a print.

project details
  • done at Central Saint Martins, MA biodesign
  • date June 2021
  • project by Cinzia Ferrari
  • special thanks Dr. Paolo Bombelli, Dr Megan Barnett, Prof. Saul Purton, Freddie Elborne MONC
  • skills Biofabrication, holistic design, bio-informed strategies, creative direction, data analysis, critical thinking, storytelling, research
  • tools Laboratory, Adobe Ps Ai Id Pr Ae, Cinema4d
  • to know more UAL Graduate Showcase 2021