Web design

MA Biodesign website

During the past months of the course I have been working with a team of amazing colleagues on a special project: our MA Biodesign website.

16 biodesigners, 16 very different projects at the intersections of design, science, technology, fashion, biofabrication, and more.

Given the complexity of the topics and the diversity of the projects, we focused on designing an immersive experience as natural and responsive as possible, while maintaining visual coherence. A natural dialogue that invites the audience into our biodesign world by revealing who we are, what we do, and why.

project details
  • done at Central Saint Martins, MA biodesign
  • date June 2021
  • project by Cinzia Ferrari, Julia Jueckstock, Paula Camiña, Marie Melcore, Eleonora Rombolà, Luis Undritz, Carolina Kyvik.
  • skills Agile design, storytelling, product strategy, interface design, usability testing, experience research, collaboration
  • tools Figma, Miro, Wix, Javascript, Adobe Xd Ps Ae
  • check it out MABiodesign.com