programming experiment w/ Spotify Web API


I used the Spotify Web API to build a tool designed specifically for discovering new music based on mood. After studying the documentation I created a tool that works as follow:

The program will source the top 10 songs from my top 100 artists in the last 6 months. Out of those, 3 songs are selected as seeds to generate a new playlist. I wanted to tailor the playlist to a mood that would resonate with the user's state of mind, and for this I associated mood to animal behaviour. The program asks 'How do you feel today? Sloth, Quokka, Cheetah or curious?'. Each choice is translated into specific values of valence, beats per minute and energy levels which are matched to the songs selected for the playlist. Finally, the curious option will allow you to discover mixed mood songs.

I am now working on developing the interface for this application, to be used by other users.

project details
  • date 2021 / in progress
  • project by Cinzia Ferrari and Jose Caballero
  • skills Critical thinking, Programming, Heuristic Evaluation, Experience Research, Interface design
  • tools Python, Github, Spotify Web API, Spotipy, Flask, HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • to see the code My Github